In the study of various diseases and therapeutic purposes, experimental design is one of the most important part.

For a variety of partners who are struggling in their research, HEM Pharma will provide continuous technology support and research solutions tailored to you.

Microbial research field


Gut microbiome

- Obesity and diabetes

- Inflammatory bowel disease(IBD) & Irritable bowel syndrome(IBS)



- Skin microbiome



- Gut-brain axis



- Lung microbiome


Personalized probiotics



- Next generation probiotics

Metabolite research field

Microbiome-metabolome research

- Metabolite profiling of whole microbiome metabolites

- Metabolic pathway analysis

- Noble biomarkers

Tissue & biofluids metabolites

- Skin, gut, liver, intestine, and other tissues

- Plasma, serum, urine, feces, and other biofluid samples

Targeted metabolites analysis

- Short-chain fatty acids

- Bile acids

- Vitamin B series

- Other customized markers

Inspection process

1Customized consulting

According to the research goals to be commissioned, decide the experiment direction through customized consulting.

2Sample receipt

Please send us the sample for the research. To protect the sample, enclose it with dry ice.

* Please be extra careful with the sample condition, since it might interfere the result.

3Research progress

Experiment and analyze according to the direction and goals of your research.

4Result and A/S

Deliver the result and follow up with the customer’s feedback.

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Each individual's intestinal microbiome is unique. More than 70 percent of our body's immune cells are distributed around the intestines, where intestinal microbiomes symbiotics the immune cells, helping to digest food, preventing the infiltration of harmful bacteria, and controlling our body's immune system.

Post-Synergy is a personalized healthcare service that analyzes the types and proportions of intestinal microbiomes through intestinal microbial genetic testing (NGS), metabolic testing(GC) and PMAS analysis to check the appropriateness of microbial levels in certain diseases and provide personalized postbiotics to individuals.

NGS : Provide the presence or absence of microorganisms-related diseases and harmful microorganisms

GC : Identify substances produced by microorganisms to provide more accurate intestinal environment information

PMAS : Provide optimized solutions for individuals to improve the intestinal environment effectively

Post synergy Inspection type

Basic : NGS

Premium: NGS + GC + PMAS


Inspection process


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