Safety Evaluation

Probiotics are “live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts,
confer a health benefit on the host (WHO/FAO)”.

In different forms and presentations, and with diverse claims, probiotics are high trending food supplements in the market.
In support of health claims, proof of beneficial functions represents a critical aspect of strain selection. In addition, the safety confirmation of a putative probiotic strain, both for human and animal applications, has now become a decisive hurdle before marketing.

In particular clearance is needed with regard to characteristics such as absence of transferable antibiotic resistance, absence of beta-hemolytic activity, no production of specific allergens such as biogenic amines, and absence of cellular invasion potential.

Culture Collection

HEM Pharma owns more than 1,000 different probiotics strains, and more than 30 of them are proven to be safe strains that meet the FDA's safety standards.












The cells of the human body are outnumbered ten times by the coexisting microbial numbers.

The microbiome represents the total genetic information of the microbial community as a whole, comprising bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses inhabiting the human ecological environment, and carries 200 times the number of genes compared to the human genome. The enormous microbiological diversity of the gut ecosystem is reflected by an estimated 1,500 bacterial species, with a wide range of physiological properties and metabolic pathways.

Research has shown that these microbes communicate with the host to maintain a healthy balance. Dysbiosis (“microbial imbalance or impaired microbiota”), is considered to be either the major cause or result of certain diseases such as obesity, diabetes, IBD/IBS, atopic dermatitis, acne, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. Our research aims at maintaining or restoring the “fitness” of our gastro-intestinal system.

Therefore, the major focus is on modulating the microbiome through the application of either carefully selected conventional probiotics and/or next generation probiotics in order to regain and maintain a healthy microbial balance with personalized research.

Area of focus


Skin Microbiome, Improvement and Prevention of Skin Inflammatory diseases


Gut-brain axis, Improvement and Prevention of Mental illness such as Depression and Autism


Lung Microbiome, Improvement of Lung Inflammatory disease, Improvement of Inflammatory disease caused by fine dust

Gut Microbiome

Improvement and Prevention of Metabolic Disease such as Obesity and Diabetes

Improvement of Intestinal Diseases and Intestinal Environment such as Bowel Disorders Including Inflammatory Bowel Disease(IBD) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS)

Personalized Probiotics

Development of Solutions of Probiotics and Prebiotics Combination according to the characteristics of individual intestinal microflora


Human Mucrobiome Origin Next Generation Pharmabiotics strains Screening

Human Mucrobiome Origin Next Generation Pharmabiotics Production Process Development

Human Mucrobiome Origin Next Generation Pharmabiotics Industrialization Pipeline Development


B-Active technology is a formulation to activate the freeze-dried power probiotics before consumption to improve the efficacy of the given product. Lactic acid bacteria in freeze-dried probiotics themselves have very low activity in the body.

In the digestive processes, most of the bacteria will die or be in a dying situation if low-active probiotics pass through the stomach and bile acid which the place of pH is lowered to 2.5.

B-active is a technology that ensures the number of lactic acid bacteria reaching the stomach when the lactic acid bacteria are dissolved with B-active solution containing certain nutrients and increases the activity.


Meta-Analytical Screening

Every individual has his or her own unique intestinal microflora in different configurations.

PMAS is a Probiotics/Prebiotics Meta-Analysis Screening technology that analyzes the intestinal microflora of an individual and searches for a solution that helps to form the optimal ratio of gut microbiome.

HEM Pharma utilizes PMAS to derive and apply the best combination of Synbiotic for the individual and provides an optimized solution for the individual based on the results to enable effective intestinal microflora recovery.


Next Generation Probiotics