Greetings from the CEO

We live with the help of tens of trillions of microbes every day. In particular, there are hundreds of kinds of microbes in the human intestine that not only digest nutrients, but also strengthen our immunity and decompose toxins, which indicates that microbes exist for a healthy life of humans. However, the 'Microbiome', the microbe that makes up the human body and plays an important role in the human body, is not yet widely known, so we can see people suffering from an unexpected imbalance in the microbiome that around us more easily than we think.

Frequent eating of instant foods, dependence on various drugs including antibiotics, and diseases such as cancer destroy the human microbiome, resulting in metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes as well as superbacterial infection and brain diseases including Crohn's disease, depression, and anxiety. There are too many people who suffer without knowing that it can even cause the aforementioned problems.

As a microbiological company, HEM Pharma is making efforts with a firm vision to return a healthy life to people through the development of useful microbes that are beneficial to the human microbiome.

We will do our best to repay the trust of those who support HEM Pharma through endless efforts, research and management innovation.

HEM Pharma CEO Yosep Ji