• Autonomous work system

    Implementation of autonomous work system of core time from 13 to 16 o'clock

  • Welfare points

    Welfare points for self-development

  • Communication activity expense

    Monthly provision of supporting expense for team activities and friendship

  • Birthday leave

    Special birthday leave only once a year

  • Refresh

    Ref3reshing through rest and leisure is strongly recommended

  • Horizontal organizational culture

    All titles are Mr./Mrs. ○○~ in the horizontal organizational culture

  • In-house library

    Unlimited support for in-house library for self-growth

  • Support for lunch meal

    Support for lunch meal for workers who work for more than 5 hours a day

  • Support for holiday gift

    Support for holiday gift out of gratitude

  • Support for congratulations and condolences

    Generous support for congratulations and condolences

  • Comprehensive health check-up

    Implementation of comprehensive health check-up for employees who have worked for more than 1 year

  • Leave for long-term employed persons

    Leave for long-term employed persons depending on the length of service such as 3/5/7/10 years