Personalized Analysis Service

What is a personalized analysis service?

The microbiome, which is distributed over 70% of the immune cells of our body, coexists with immune cells on the intestinal surface and plays an important role in helping food digestion and preventing the penetration of harmful bacteria. Microbiome management should be managed as an indicator to protect health, because if the intestinal microbes are damaged by bad eating habits, abuse of antibiotics, and environmental pollution, the protective function of the intestines is weakened, and various diseases can be caused.

HEM Pharma's personalized analysis service is a healthcare service that provides personalized probiotic products to optimize the microbiome ecosystem balance with the aim of checking intestinal health by analyzing individual’s microbiome through personalized screening method for substances that improve the intestinal environment using our proprietary PMAS (Pharmaceutical Meta-Analytical Screening) and optimizing the microbiome ecosystem balance.

Personalized Microbiome Solution Service Process

Collecting personal fece

Collecting feces
by using a stool kit

Microbiome analysis

Proceeding PMAS analysis, HEM Pharma’s independent technology, of intestinal microbes and metabolome by establishing a replicating field (environment)

Providing analysis results

Your intestinal health status such as basic information and diversity of each individual’s intestinal microbes can be checked

Suggesting a personalized solution

Suggesting an optimal probiotic solution derived through PMAS analysis

Strong Points

  • Technology for Simultaneous Analysis of Microbiome & Metabolome

    We provide a more sophisticated and personalized solution by analyzing the genetic information of the intestinal microbiome and postbiotics, a metabolite produced by the microbiome.

  • PMAS (Pharmaceutical Meta-Analytical Screening) patented technology

    We utilize an independent PMAS patented technology which finds the probiotics that show the most significant effects in optimizing the microbiome balance of each person by replicating the intestinal environment through the microbiome extracted from individual fecal samples and by applying various

  • AI analysis service

    Currently, a personalized microbiome solution using PMAS technology is conducting research and development to provide an optimal probiotic solution through a big data-based machine learning algorithm.