(Next Generation Sequencing)

Microbiome is a compound word of microbiota and genome, and collectively refers to the genome of all microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi, that exist in a specific environment. Microbiota is a general term for a community composed of microorganisms such as bacteria, mycete(a typical example of bacteria that ingests nutrients by decomposing other organic matter is cells), protozoa, and viruses that live in a specific environment.
The microbiota contains 200 times more genes than the human genome.
The enormous microbiological diversity of the human intestinal ecosystem is created by more than 1,500 species of bacteria with diverse physiological characteristics and metabolic pathways. Recent research has shown that the microbiota plays a key role in the balance of human body health.
When the microbiota is imbalanced or damaged in the body, it can be an important cause or result in diseases such as obesity, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease(IBD), irritable bowel syndrome(IBS), atopic dermatitis, acne, asthma, and Alzheimer's disease.

HEM Pharma's research focuses on helping modern people stay healthy by regulating the microbiome. We are moving forward with the goal of recovering a good microbiome balance by applying appropriate probiotics to each person and developing a pharmabiotic(LBP) treatment through individually customized research.

Major Research Areas

  • 01

    Improvement and prevention of skin microbiota and skin inflammatory diseases

  • 02

    Improvement and prevention of mental disorders such as brain-gut correlation, depression and autism

  • 03

    Improvement of lung microbiota and inflammatory diseases of the lungs, improvement of inflammatory diseases caused by fine dust

  • 04
    Enteric microbiota

    improvement and prevention of metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes Improvement of intestinal diseases and microbiome such as inflammatory bowel disease(IBD) and irritable bowel syndrome(IBS)

  • 05
    Personalized probiotics

    Development of a solution of a combination of probiotics and prebiotics according to the characteristics of the intestinal microbiota

  • 06

    Selection of next-generation new drug-type pharmabiotic strains originating from the human microbiome / Development of production process / Development of industrialization pipeline