Analysis of Metabolome

Metabolomics, which analyzes metabolome information from various types of biological samples, is an analysis method that detects and studies low-molecular metabolites in biological samples to reveal life phenomena and metabolic processes as a field of omics.

HEM Pharma conducts metabolome analysis test that is used in various areas such as drug development, disease diagnosis, and drug efficacy verification as well as identification of various metabolites produced by microbes by using many kinds of chromatography-based mass spectrometers and detectors.

Research of Metabolome

  • Microbiome-metabolome research
    • Metabolite profiling of whole microbiome metabolites
    • Metabolic pathway analysis
    • Noble biomarkers
  • Tissue & biofluids metabolites
    • Skin, gut, liver, intestine, and other tissues
    • Plasma, serum, urine, feces, and other biofluid samples
  • Targeted metabolites analysis
    • Short-chain fatty acids
    • Bile acids
    • Vitamin B series
    • Other customized markers