Research Institute

Holzapfel Microbiome
Research Institute

The development and the value of microbiome technology are establishing itself as a new center of future medical research. HEM Pharma differentiates itself is developing capabilities that fit the features of each department based on the research institute under the world-renowned professor Holzapfel, developing new and differentiated products and expanding pipelines by focusing all efforts, such as finding ways to enhance synergy effects and expanding domestic and foreign markets, and strengthening the R&D capability system.

Bioinformatics Center
  • Statistical analysis of bioinformation data, machine learning, research on deep learning
  • Data organization such as data collection, arrangement, analysis, etc. for each component
  • Meaning derivation through analysis results and index calculation and criteria setting
  • Utilizing clinical data such as research data, and artificial intelligence algorithms optimized for new drug development
Multi-Omics Center
  • Conducting research technology development from personalized experiments and analysis
  • Screening and analysis for providing personalized probiotic solutions, discovering new markers
  • Discovering metabolome-based biomarkers for various diseases and healing and conducting research on mechanisms
  • Genome-based intestinal microbiota analysis
LBP Discovery Center
  • Microbe research team, preclinical research team, aseptic animal team composition
  • Identification of useful microbes
  • Mechanism research including efficacy verification(pre-clinical)
  • Conducting national tasks through industry-university cooperation
  • Clinical development of microbiome treatment
  • Clinical development, clinical management
R&D Planning
  • Supporting R&D-related activities
  • Establishing an overall portfolio and technology roadmap for research, production, and business
  • Responsible for R&D planning, project management, patents, etc.