HEM Pharma is a specialized company which complies with manufacturing/management standards with a GMP facility certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. HEM Pharma develops and produces next-generation bio products and raw materials health functional food with a differentiated quality guarantee and quality management system through strict production management. Through the certified microbiological test, stability test under various temperature and humidity conditions, and double inspection process, HEM Pharma can produce high-quality products while maintaining the quality of products from raw materials to finished products. HEM Pharma provides capabilities and platforms for microbiome research-based products and health functional foods as well as expertise in production management and quality guarantee systems.

Differentiated expertise

Composition of experts based on in-house research institute

Safe facility

GMP facility certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

One-stop service

Providing one-stop service for research · development · production

Certified raw materials

Possessing U.S. FDA certified raw materials and many patented raw materials